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Wishful thinking


We often accuse others of wishful thinking, but we seldom consider its effects on ourselves. As much as anyone, our beliefs are shaped not just by what we think is true but also by what we'd prefer is true, and the amount of proof that we need to be convinced of something is inversely proportional to how much we want to be convinced of it.

Solution: Always subtract your desire to believe from the available evidence.

Source: https://gurwinder.substack.com/p/10-reasons-your-beliefs-are-probably

Learnings after meditation


Source: a tweet thread by Cory Muscara that I saw in Questlove's Instagram.

A diet system for yourself


Willpower is a myth.

There's no such things as willpower. There is only how much you need to eat. How hungry you are.

Divide your need to eat between cravings vs normal hunger


Normal hunger

Diet system

Source: Scott Adams microlesson

Don't borrow trouble

product self_improvement

In the absence of real-world experience, action, and feedback, your idle mind is inclined to manufacture fantasy. And, if you're anxious, your fantasies will be anxiety-inducing: you'll conjure up problems that don't exist.

Your imagination will cast itself far into the future, build up a complete fantasy world, invent problems in that fantasy world, then ricochet back to the present… and freak you into inaction.

Source: https://shorts.stackingthebricks.com/dont-borrow-trouble/